Everton Pennants

As a present to my dad for his birthday and Fathers Day (What do you buy them man who has everything?) I framed two signed Everton pennants that he had framed previously with off the shelf frames.

Afghan Merlin

To highlight the role the Merlin HC3 has played on Operation Herrick in Afghanistan, the Merlin Force, 28(AC) Sqn and 78 Sqn, commissioned a painting showing ZJ138/X coming into land to pick up waiting troops. A Limited Edition print of 250 copies were made available to the members of the Merlin Force. The photos below show the how the basic ‘Afghan Merlin’ print was enhanced with the appropriate use of mount board and moulding.


Two of my recently completed items of framing have been published in the ‘Official quarterly publication of RAF Benson’, Summer 2013 edition. Both pieces were presented by Wing Commander Harding, Officer Commanding 78 Squadron. On was presented to a representative of the Indian Air Force during a visit to India and the second to a long serving member of RAF Benson who was retiring.

Childrens Portraits

Different styles and sizes display childrens portraits at their best.

Black Arqadia Mount / Black Cushion Moulding / 540mm x 540mm

Black Arqadia Mount / Black Cushion Moulding / 640mm x 540mm

Black Arqadia Mount / Pewter Moulding / 790mm x 540mm

Alabaster Arqadia Mount / White Moulding / 500mm x 600mm

Alabaster Arqadia Mount / Black Cushion Moulding / 620mm x 370mm

Previous Examples

A selection of framing I have completed during the past couple of years.